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Name Cross-Border/Crime
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TriggerTerms launder laundering traffic trafficking trafficker trafficers illegal illicit thief thieves steal stolen stole smuggling smuggle smuggler smugglers smuggled border crossing counterfeit fake illegal cigarette contraband customs bootleg border bootlegged burglar burglars robber robbers seize seized black market black markets

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  1. Edit approved Inflow of banned tobacco products rises alarmingly in Ernakulam
  2. Edit fetch_success HMRC and Dubai Customs seize 450 metric tons of illicit tobacco
  3. Edit approved Castleford booze store boss gives up licence after 6,000 illicit cigarettes found in toilet
  4. Edit approved Figures show huge rise in seizures of cocaine, heroin, cigarettes and illegal alcohol last year
  5. Edit irrelevant Deputies: Suspect fakes fall at Circle K to steal cigarettes
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