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Childhood secondhand tobacco smoke exposure and ovarian reserve among females seeking fertility care, and interaction with N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) genotype

. They reported a higher odds of diminished ovarian reserve among participants who were ever exposed to childhood SHS inside the home vs no childhood SHS exposure. No effect modification by NAT2 was evident.
Annals of Epidemiology
added Aug 30, 2018 17:25

[New York] Ontario NY Rejects Bill that Would Have Raised the Tobacco Legal Age

Last week, legislators in Ontario County N.Y., rejected a proposed regulation that would have raised the legal minimum age to purchase tobacco products and alternatives, from 18 to 21.
Vaping Post (ch)
added Aug 30, 2018 17:01

EDITORIAL: Do you really want kids to go back to school with Juul?

It has taken two decades of bans, laws, lawsuits, higher cigarette taxes, public campaigns and changing U.S. culture to reduce the allure of smoking....A full-court press is needed by parents, teachers, school officials and yes, the government, to preven
USA Today
added Aug 29, 2018 23:47

CONLEY: Don’t let fearmongering guide vaping debate

With use of all tobacco products by teens falling sharply and increasing evidence that e-cigarettes — especially flavored ones — actually help incentivize adult smokers to quit, it is important that we not let fearmongering and misinformation guide the pu
USA Today
added Aug 29, 2018 23:46

[UK] Smoking and drinking can damage arteries `very early in life'

Dr Marietta Charakida, who was involved in the study, said: 'Injury to the blood vessels occurs very early in life as a result of smoking and drinking and the two together are even more damaging. 'Although studies have shown teenagers are smoking less i
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Aug 29, 2018 23:14
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[UK] Birmingham student writing her dissertation on Love Island

The 20-year-old, from Chalton, Bedfordfordshire, is also investigating the prevalence of sex scenes and smoking and the negative impact this could have on teenagers as part of her research dissertation.
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Aug 29, 2018 23:11

[Indonesia] VIDEO: Mother of toddler with a 40-a-day smoking habit says her son has started playing with toys as he tries to break the habit... but can't stop picking up cigarette butts to puff on

Rapi Ananda Pamungkas whipped the internet into a frenzy when video footage of him chain-smoking by his mother's market stall in Sukabumi, West Java, went viral earlier this month. After the local government stepped in to help, the two-year-old has now
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Aug 29, 2018 23:07

Smoking, Drinking a Double Whammy for Teens' Arteries: Study

Teens who drink or smoke already have stiffening arteries, and the risk is highest for those who are both heavy smokers and heavy drinkers, a new study reports. Arterial stiffening is a sign of blood vessel damage that increases the chances for heart att
HealthDay [HealthScout]
added Aug 29, 2018 21:43

Monitoring System for Underage Tobacco Sales Falls Short: Study

The way that U.S. regulators try to find stores that illegally sell tobacco products to minors doesn't work, a new study contends. The approach involves an undercover minor trying to make a single attempt at a store to buy tobacco products.
HealthDay [HealthScout]
added Aug 29, 2018 21:42

[UK] Teenagers who smoke and drink suffer ill effects by age of 17

Tests showed stiffening of the arteries had begun by this relatively young age. These physical changes have been linked with an increased risk of heart and blood vessel problems, such as stroke and heart attack, in later life. But the study also found th
BBC Online
added Aug 29, 2018 20:56
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