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The oil industry used the tobacco playbook in its fight against climate science. But where did tobacco get that playbook? The oil industry used science, communications, and consumer psychology to shape the public debate over climate change and block act
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
added Jul 20, 2016 20:03

Tobacco and Oil Industries Used Same Researchers to Sway Public

“From the 1950s onward, the oil and tobacco firms were using not only the same PR firms and same research institutes, but many of the same researchers,” CIEL President Carroll Muffett said in a statement. “Again and again we found both the PR firms and t
Scientific American
added Jul 20, 2016 19:48

New Documents Reveal Denial Playbook Originated with Big Oil, Not Big Tobacco

research by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)... “Big Oil created the organized apparatus of doubt,” Muffett said. “It used the same playbook of misinformation, obfuscation, and research laundered through front groups to attack science
Common Dreams
added Jul 20, 2016 19:41

D'ANGELO: New Documents Reveal Oil And Tobacco Industries' Dirty History Of Working Together / And how they collaborated to con us all.

show oil and tobacco giants have long shared marketing and advertising strategies, research institutes, PR firms and even scientists...a 1967 report in which the American Tobacco Company proposes a “tie-in” between its own Colony cigarettes and the petrol
Huffington Post (blog)
added Jul 20, 2016 19:32

Climate change in the courts: Big Oil and Big Tobacco

In November 2015, New York Attorney General (AG) Eric Schneiderman issued a subpoena to ExxonMobil for “documents on what Exxon knew about climate change and what it told shareholders and the public.”
National Constitution Center
added Jul 17, 2016 02:55

[Minnesota] Analysis of British American Tobacco's questionable use of privilege and protected document claims at the Guildford Depository [FREE FULL TEXT]

Control of publicly disclosed documents should not be placed back into the hands of defendant tobacco companies. Plaintiffs also need to invest adequate resources into policing claims of legal privilege.
Tobacco Control
added Jun 29, 2016 20:05

[Asia-pacific, Australia, Europe] Industry-funded International Tax and Investment Center responds to criticism by attempting to muddy the waters

PMI has paid ITIC to produce annual reports on the illicit trade in Asia....accused of being methodologically flawed...ITIC’s letters made three inter-related claims, each of which we explore in the paragraphs below. First, that public health research sh
Tobacco Control Journal blogs
added Jun 24, 2016 11:06

[Canada] Blowing smoke: the history of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in Canadian tobacco

In view of this information brought to light in this paper, any claims by tobacco companies that they were acting prudently by lowering TSNA levels are unwarranted. They fail to acknowledge that it was their actions that raised TSNA levels in the first p
Tobacco Control
added Oct 17, 2016 15:52

GLANTZ: Tobacco companies consider pack color an “ingredient” that creates “new” products; FDA should learn and reject SE claims

Lauren Lempert and I just published “Packaging colour research by tobacco companies: The pack as a product characteristic” in Tobacco Control. This paper shows that the industry treats pack color as an “ingredient” interchangeably with the contents of t
Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education (UCSF)
added Jun 3, 2016 17:06

Packaging colour research by tobacco companies: The pack as a product characteristic (PDF) [FREE FULL TEXT]

FDA should require full-length SE reports, rather than streamlined “Same Characteristics” reports, for all SE submissions with any color changes to the product’s packaging and labeling, and should conduct Social Science reviews that consider the public
Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education (UCSF)
added Sep 23, 2016 20:09
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