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Smoking bans lead to better national health

People living in countries with public smoking bans have lower exposure to secondhand smoke and better health, according to a fresh look at past research from 21 nations. Smoking bans were tied to a decrease in health problems and deaths - especially tho
added Feb 5, 2016 21:00

[UK] Birmingham Shisha bars contain ‘higher levels of pollution than Beijing’, claims new study

The report, commissioned by Birmingham City Council, is said to be the first of its kind in the UK and examined the air quality levels in 12 shisha bars across the city.
ITV Network Limited (uk)
added Feb 5, 2016 14:22

[Canada] HABIB: ‘Not as bad as cigarettes is not a ringing endorsement'

More research is needed to determine whether the reputed benefits of e-cigarettes as smoking-cessation aids outweigh the potential harm to individual and public health. In the meantime, a cautious approach by governments and public-health agencies is the
Globe and Mail (ca)
added Feb 4, 2016 19:24

[Ireland] Smoking bans reduce passive smoke harm / Irish team carried out extensive research

Ireland became the first country in the world to ban indoor smoking in all public places in 2004. Since then, a number of other countries, regions and states have followed suit, banning smoking in public places and work places. The main reason for these (ie)
added Feb 4, 2016 13:06

Cochrane Review: Smoking Bans Appear to Improve Health Outcomes

Smoking bans aimed at reducing secondhand smoke exposure appear to have a positive impact on cardiovascular disease rates and outcomes across the globe, according to an updated Cochrane review of 77 observational studies from 21 countries.
MedPage Today
added Feb 4, 2016 13:05

[District of Columbia] LETTER: Secondhand marijuana smoke is harmful, just like tobacco smoke

However legal pot use is regulated, it should be understood that the adverse health effects of secondhand marijuana smoke exposure are not just hypothetical. Public smoke-free policies should include marijuana smoke.
The Washington Post
added Feb 4, 2016 13:02

Legislative smoking bans for reducing harms from secondhand smoke exposure, smoking prevalence and tobacco consumption

There is evidence that countries and their populations benefit from improved health after introducing smoking bans, importantly to do with the heart and blood vessels. We found evidence of reduced deaths. The impact of bans on respiratory health, on the h
Cochrane Library
added Feb 4, 2016 12:52

Have national smoking bans worked in reducing harms in passive smoking?

An updated Cochrane Review containing more up-to-date research has found that countries who imposed smoking bans found their populations benefited from reduced exposure to passive smoke, specifically cardiovascular disease.
The Cochrane Library (uk)
added Feb 4, 2016 12:49

Smoking ban sees 40 per cent cut in heart attacks in UK since 2007 law was introduced

Major research suggests that the introduction of a smoking ban has resulted in a significant fall in the number of people suffering from heart attacks as the result of passive smoking
Electronic Telegraph (uk)
added Feb 4, 2016 12:45

[UK] Heart attack rates have fallen by 42 per cent since the smoking ban in 2007 / Ban also contributed to drop in asthma and premature birth rates, experts claim

The Cochrane independent research network looked at studies in 21 countries. A University of Liverpool team found the 42 per cent fall in England. Researcher Prof Cecily Kelleher, of University College Dublin, said the figures were strong evidence bans
The Sun (uk)
added Feb 4, 2016 12:42
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