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SATEL: The Year In E-Cigarettes: The Good, The Bad, And Some Reasons For Optimism

Ideally, a new administration will usher in a regulatory milieu at the FDA that better recognizes the potential of market forces. I also hope the new CDC director who, unlike the agency’s current occupant, is dedicated to a balanced consideration of risk
added Jan 2, 2017 00:21
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[Asia] PEIRIS: Cigarettes sale ban within army premises effective from 1st January 2017

In this small country, there are some people who are making a big show off - pretending that they are the heroes of preventing cigarette was Dr. Danushka Dissanayake, attached to the Sri Lanka Army, who initiated his efforts to lay the foundation st
Asian Tribune
added Jan 2, 2017 00:15

Mary E Black: New Year’s resolution—a smoke-free NHS

The NHS is not yet smoke free. But it’s time that it was. If this had happened years ago then perhaps I would not be able to darn so well. Perhaps my father would still be alive.
BMJ Group blogs
added Jan 5, 2017 05:20

[Canada] CLEMENT: Vaping regulations undermine anti-tobacco work

When the authors of Bill S-5 tell us to think of the children, they conveniently forget to mention the growing evidence suggesting that vaping is simply not a gateway to smoking for young people. By treating vaping like tobacco, this legislation infantil
Hamilton (Ont) Spectator (ca)
added Dec 30, 2016 17:23

HASKINS: The Surgeon General’s irrational war on e-cigarettes

by waging this irrational war against e-cigarettes, Murthy is effectively discouraging people from using products that have been proven to help many Americans quit smoking with only minimal risks. In fact, so few people have experienced significant, measu
(Long Island, NY) Newsday
added Dec 30, 2016 17:16

[UK] My dear Prince George, some hints and tips for starting school: Former Wetherby pupil TOM UTLEY, 63, writes an open letter to His Royal Highness, aged 3½, about what to expect

see me at the age of six...flushed with health and quiet confidence... the other, you will see a baggy-eyed, broken and bitter man...ravaged by a lifetime of chain-smoking...tip number one, Your Royal Highness:...stay off the fags
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Dec 30, 2016 16:32

RODU: Sacramento Bee Errs Twice with Fake News on E-Cigarettes

a column written by a hearing aids company executive. Titled “E-cigarettes may also cause hearing loss”..."It is almost impossible for Dave Fabry’s claim to be valid if these two articles are the only relevant scientific publications in the world’s biome
Heartland Institute
added Dec 29, 2016 00:34

[Kentucky] CHANDLER: Higher tobacco taxes improve health, productivity

As the legislature considers tax reform in the coming session, and if we hope to move out of the bottom ranking in health status and improve the lives of Kentuckians, raising tobacco taxes should definitely be on the table.
Kentucky New Era
added Dec 28, 2016 14:09

Vivek Murthy Thinks We Need to Learn How to Deal With Stress

The Office of the Surgeon General’s campaign to curb tobacco use in the 1960s is widely cited as one of greatest modern public-health successes, but I wonder if that’s a fluke? We haven’t seen similar success in subsequent efforts to reduce obesity or enc
New York Times
added Dec 28, 2016 13:57

MYSTAL: We Really Need Tighter Regulations On E-Cigarettes

I don’t need the feds to protect my kids from e-cigarettes any more than I need them to protect my kids from running with scissors. I’ll handle that. I need the government to protect me from carrying around a bomb in my pocket that isn’t clearly marked “b
Above the Law (blog)
added Dec 29, 2016 00:34
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