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[California] VIDEO: MPAA Argues Ban On Smoking In Movies Defies First Amendment

Should a child going to a G-rated movie be exposed to characters smoking on screen? The MPAA is defending itself from a lawsuit about that. NPR' Scott Simon speaks with film historian David Thomson.
National Public Radio (NPR)
added Jul 23, 2016 17:49

Absolutely meh, darling: Ab Fab on the big screen serves a silly cocktail of cigarettes, vodka and Chanel No. 5

Not that they’re that hard to get a handle on. Patsy is a magazine editor/hanger-on who survived the ’60s and continues to thrive on a diet of cigarettes and booze – when proper alcohol can’t be found,
National Post (ca)
added Jul 23, 2016 00:10

[California] Movie Industry in First Amendment Clash With Anti-Smoking Activists

by failing to disclose that youth-rated films contain tobacco imagery and by not giving those movies a more restrictive R rating, the film industry is tricking parents into buying their kids tickets to films, the lawsuit alleges.
Wall Street Journal Blogs
added Jul 22, 2016 15:50

Mila Kunis Recalls 'Awful' Diet for 'Black Swan': Cigarettes and 1,200 Calories a Day

"Twelve-hundred calories and I smoked," she reiterates about her weight-loss methods. "I don't advocate this at all. It was awful." Kunis says she has since quit smoking, and calls it the "best decision" she's ever made in her life.
KARE NBC 11 (Minneapolis, MN)
added Jul 21, 2016 04:27

[California] Smoking in movies: film-makers just can't kick the habit

Flm-makers’ association says a ban on smoking would be attack on free speech – and indeed, most movies still reek of tobacco, even those aimed at teenagers Midnight in Paris: contains over 50 ‘tobacco incidents’
The Guardian (uk)
added Jul 19, 2016 19:09

[California] MPAA Disagrees With Potential Ban On Smoking In PG-13 Movies

This lawsuit could have huge effects on the film industry: if the use of cigarettes on-screen get deemed as inappropriate, that opens up a huge can of worms that could go so far as to claim that the use of guns on-screen affects gun violence, that high-s
Tech Times
added Jul 19, 2016 18:51

Inside Story | All / Claudette Colbert

Film: Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1937) Claudette Colbert served three cigarette companies while under contract to Paramount Pictures. This Lucky Strike ad plugs Paramount's 1937 film Bluebeard's Eighth Wife. While Paramount received free advertising, Colbe
Smokefree Movies (UCSF)
added Jul 19, 2016 18:01

Tobacco's history in Hollywood

The U.S. tobacco industry has a long, documented history of collaborating with the U.S. film industry to promote smoking and tobacco brands. The history includes four main periods... Explore this site to learn more about how tobacco bought its way into
Smokefree Movies (UCSF)
added Jul 19, 2016 17:59

ARCHIVE: How the tobacco industry built its relationship with Hollywood [FREE FULL TEXT]

The tobacco industry understood the value of placing and encouraging tobacco use in films, and how to do it. While the industry claims to have ended this practice, smoking in motion pictures increased throughout the 1990s and remains a public health probl
Tobacco Control
added Jul 19, 2016 17:58

Our ads | Ad 113: How log has Big Tobacco bought its way on screen? One little letter [R] will save a million lives

Learn more: • Download ad sources • Big Tobacco in Hollywood, 1927-1951 • How Big Tobacco built its relationship with Hollywood • Tobacco product placement and its reporting to the FTC (600 films listed) • More Hollywood history and tobacco ad examples
Smokefree Movies (UCSF)
added Jul 19, 2016 17:47
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