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[New York] Real Estate Q & A: Neighbors’ Refuse in a Garden

When I started working on my garden, I noticed that an amazing number of cigarette butts were being thrown out the windows of the rental. What is the best way to motivate the owner of the building to deter tenants from throwing the butts into my yard?
New York Times
added Jul 19, 2013 15:15

[Minnesota] Tobacco tax: Myth vs. facts

The following points address several myths presented by Mr. Peterson: ... Myth: Raising the tobacco tax is unfair to smokers. Fact: The cost of treating tobacco-related disease far exceeds the amount of tobacco tax collected by smokers. Every man, wo
Marshall (MN) Independent
added Jul 17, 2013 16:07

Smoking Isn'T Only Cause Of Emphysema

#Smoking is the greatest cause of COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, but not the only cause. In past days, workers in mines inhaling the dust were subject to emphysema, as were people who worked in cotton mills. Those who made a living in grain-proc
Payson (AZ) Roundup
added Jul 17, 2013 15:53

[Canada] Letter: Most smokers can't afford to quit

Reader says smokers can't afford to pay for methods to quit, so smoking cessation should be covered by insurance.
Calgary (Alb) Herald
added Jul 17, 2013 14:59

[Canada] LETTER: Drive-thrus must be smoke-free

As a 22-year-old student, I work with people younger and older than me, smokers and non-smokers who share the same problem. We find it hard to serve you and your families with a smile as we open the window and get a puff of smoke blown into our faces.
Windsor (Ont) Star (ca)
added Jul 17, 2013 08:26

Letter: Wisconsin is better off smoke-free

Judging from its three short years of existence, it's clear that the smoke-free law's public health impact will only continue to grow in the years ahead. Simply put, Wisconsin is better -- and far healthier -- smoke-free.
Wausau (WI) Daily Herald
added Jul 17, 2013 08:25

[Wyoming] LETTER: Shame on Holloway

It takes a lot of nerve for a bossy, righteous would-be "community organizer", who has never been in the service, much less combat, to have the nerve to tell a combat veteran he can't have a smoke and a beer with his service buddies in a private club rese
Casper (WY) Star-Tribune
added Jul 16, 2013 03:53

[Wyoming] LETTER: Why criticize someone for health?

How ridiculous to pillory Kim Holloway for her support of Smoke Free Casper ... The back-and-forth adventures of the smoke free ordinance may finally give residents an opportunity to confirm at the ballot box their support for clean air in Casper.
Casper (WY) Star-Tribune
added Jul 16, 2013 03:48

[Wyoming] LETTER: :Don't sign the petition

This issue came up in 1998-99. We, as a community, fought this battle before to the tune of $20,000. Now we are having to fight this battle again, ... this issue started my political career for the City of Casper (city councilmember from 2001-2004). We
Casper (WY) Star-Tribune
added Jul 16, 2013 03:47

[Wyoming] LETTER: It's all dope

I am a victim of secondhand smoking. I lived around heavy smokers for 35 years and my lung health is messed up from it. ... Smokers are just junkies, same as alcohol drinkers or any other dopers' dope.
Casper (WY) Star-Tribune
added Jul 16, 2013 03:44
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