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LETTER: DAUBE: Tobacco control has always challenged tobacco interests

As Proctor2 and many others have shown comprehensively, tobacco companies have consistently responded to research demonstrating the dangers of smoking by seeking to deny and undermine the evidence, and they have consistently opposed any action that might
The Lancet (uk)
added Aug 23, 2013 03:15

[Michigan] Letter: Cigarettes cause pain for families

I think that in Kalamazoo we should stop selling cigarettes. My grandmother died of lung cancer. My grandfather of throat cancer. I never got to meet them. This is all caused by smoking.
Kalamazoo (MI) Gazette
added Aug 21, 2013 10:02

[Canada] Letter: Smoking is a slow form of suicide

I am also a very empathetic person and respect other people’s life decisions, good or bad. However, I feel banning smoking on terrasses could be a good idea in the long run. It would keep future generations from being influenced into smoking.
Montreal Gazette (ca)
added Aug 21, 2013 10:01

[Canada] Letter: The onus is on smokers to be considerate

Outdoors, even 15 feet away (more if the breeze is right) that throat-grabbing unmistakable odour interferes with taste and breathing. As a habit that inherently disturbs others, smoking places the onus on users to smoke with understanding, sensitivity
Montreal Gazette (ca)
added Aug 26, 2013 15:41

[Canada] Letter: Leave smokers alone

Supporters of the Nanny State should be careful what they wish for. “They” may be coming for you next!
Montreal Gazette (ca)
added Aug 26, 2013 15:41

[Vermont] LETTER: How we can do more

Other hospitals and organizations across the state, including community coalitions and Support Services at Home, are working with property managers and tenants to ensure a successful transition to healthy, smoke-free living. To learn more, visit the Ameri
(Barre, VT) Times Argus
added Aug 20, 2013 05:38

[USA] Letter: E-cigarettes not available in Canada

The tobacco lobbyists have ensured Canada is one of few places on earth where E-cigarettes are illegal. I ordered some from the States, but Customs seized and destroyed them. My family doctor (after an eight-year wait I finally have one) and cardiologis
Montreal Gazette (ca)
added Aug 26, 2013 15:43

[Canada] Letter: 'Evil smokers' want to use terrasses too

he has to appreciate that we smokers also have opinions which count and we enjoy a meal, pitcher of sangria, and a smoke and are entitled to the same.
Montreal Gazette (ca)
added Aug 26, 2013 15:42

[Massachusetts] Letter: Government is hypocritical on tobacco laws, taxes

Until the state and federal agencies have the guts to make this so-called lethal and addictive product illegal (as they should), then they need to stop penalizing smokers for using it. Or smokers should be able to sue the government for fraud and negligen
New Bedford (MA) Standard-Times
added Aug 17, 2013 14:17

[Canada] Letter: Terrasse smoking is hardly our worst health problem

fruits and vegetables contaminated by pesticides, and experience health-threatening stress levels at work. And we’re spending our time coming up with laws to eliminate smoking on an outdoor terrasse?
Montreal Gazette (ca)
added Aug 26, 2013 15:45
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