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FDA Remains Firmly Committed to Nicotine Reduction in Cigarettes

22nd Century Group, Inc., a plant biotechnology company focused on tobacco harm reduction, reports recent activity relevant to the nicotine reduction mandate planned by [FDA]. “We support the objective of reducing the level of nicotine in cigarettes to r
Business Wire
added Feb 1, 2018 03:17

PAPALOANNOY-DUIC: Medical experts offered to debate Canada’s anti-vaping groups — but they all refused

Last week was National Non-Smoking Week, so why weren’t health groups doing all they could to help smokers quit? Why wouldn’t they even show up to debate the best ways to get people to stop smoking? That is what happened in Ottawa last week when a panel
Financial Post (ca)
added Feb 1, 2018 01:37

[UK] CHIVERS: Vaping is not as bad for you as smoking, and it's a public health disaster that people are being led to believe otherwise

If you smoke, and want to live a long life, stop smoking. If you want to stop smoking, you will probably find it easier to quit if you turn to e-cigarettes, or “vaping”. Vaping is not completely harmless but it is far, far, far less harmful for you than
Electronic Telegraph (uk)
added Jan 31, 2018 15:20

Global Cannabis Sales Projected to Grow

22nd Century Group Inc (NYSE: XXII) is a plant biotechnology company focused on genetic engineering and plant breeding which allows the increase or decrease of the level of nicotine in tobacco plants and the level of cannabinoids in hemp/cannabis plants.
PR Newswire
added Jan 31, 2018 15:12

LEHRER: E-cigarettes are what the doctor ordered

Of course, it is advisable that current smokers make an effort to quit altogether, but e-cigarettes provide an alternative for those who aren't successful. Likewise, some doctors and some patients may try other approaches ranging from drugs like Chantix t
Washington (DC) Examiner
added Jan 31, 2018 15:12

Negative affect, message reactance and perceived risk: how do pictorial cigarette pack warnings change quit intentions?

Pictorial cigarette pack warnings increased quit intentions by increasing negative affect. Message reactance partially attenuated this increase in intentions. The opposing associations of negative affect and reactance on perceived risk may explain why pic
Tobacco Control
added Jan 31, 2018 02:34

4 revelations from a reuters investigation into philip morris

uncovers the company’s methodical, long-term plan to undermine public health science and global anti-smoking efforts...1. PMI uses secret strategies to undermine the World Health Organization’s international tobacco reduction efforts.... 2. The company ha
Truth Initiative (American Legacy Foundation)
added Jan 30, 2018 16:40

[Europe, UK] SNOWDON: These products are safer than cigarettes – why don’t the regulators want to know?

And so we have two products which are manifestly less harmful than cigarettes, both of which have a track record of getting people to stop smoking. One is illegal in the EU. The other is illegal in the USA. Neither of them can be labelled as less harmful
The Spectator (uk)
added Jan 30, 2018 16:33

SIEGEL: Real Talk About Vaping / A new report shows that, at this time, there are no known long-term health effects.

it is possible to make e-cigarettes that pose little health risk, but because the FDA has dragged its feet and chosen to take a prohibitionist approach rather than to do its actual job, there continue to be products on the market that are exposing users t
U.S. News & World Report
added Jan 30, 2018 14:50

Tobacco Giant Vows to Address Advisory Panel's IQOS Concerns

Reaction was swift and mixed... Log Cabin Republicans president Gregory T. Angelo, who noted that smoking rates are twice as high within the LGBT community as in the population at large, also urged the panel to grant PMI's request. "Clearly today's outco
MedPage Today
added Jan 29, 2018 20:13
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