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Confusing smoke signals from Turkey

1. The premier vaping network website in Turkey has been blocked to all Turkish Internet users. 2. In direct violation of FCTC Article 5.3, the makers of the Marlboro and Parliament brands of cigarettes in Turkey are joining a Turkish government delegat
added Aug 19, 2016 18:45

[UK] E-Cigarettes Make Smoking Seem Abnormal

The UK Centre for Substance Use Research interviewed 167 young people aged 16-25 years in the UK who ‘vape’ about their usage, and found that the majority of them regard it as socially very distant from smoking, was much less harmful than smoking, and th
American Council on Science and Health (ACSH)
added Aug 18, 2016 16:02

SULLUM: FDA E-Cigarette Regulations Give Smoking a Boost

companies...are forbidden to share potentially lifesaving information about those products with their customers. They are also forbidden to make their products safer...FDA literally assigns zero value to the lives of smokers who would have quit were it no
Reason Magazine
added Aug 16, 2016 17:40

[Canada] SWEANOR: E-cigarettes a public health breakthrough

As someone who has spent over three decades in the forefront of national and global efforts to reduce smoking I feel a need to provide some perspective. As someone who grew up in Port Hope and observed friends starting to smoke and then, unable to break
Cobourg (Ont) Daily Star (ca)
added Aug 12, 2016 18:00

SULLUM: FDA Assigns Zero Value To Smokers Who Die Because Of Its E-Cigarette Regulations

The FDA’s censorship and its ban on innovation will discourage smokers from switching to vaping... All of this is unambiguously bad for consumers and bad for public health. Yet the FDA took none of it into account when it estimated the costs imposed by i
added Aug 12, 2016 00:32

[North Carolina] 22nd Century reports larger loss in second quarter

The new line will be sold to accredited scientists, researchers, universities and government health agencies. The company said the research cigarettes will be produced “with precise tobacco blends, nicotine contents, filtration, tar yields and even custo
Winston-Salem (NC) Journal
added Aug 11, 2016 15:57

VIDEO: FDA bans e-cigarette sales to minors: Why is it cracking down now? (+video

But while the companies have condemned the rules, medical associations and health experts say they are needed to avoid putting young people on the road to smoking. “The use of e-cigarettes in kids appears increasingly likely to result in an increased ri
Christian Science Monitor
added Aug 15, 2016 01:22

SATEL: Obamacare is hazardous to smokers' health

deadly double-standard deployed by our public health system when it comes to harm reduction, the concept that individuals should be encouraged to adopt less risky behaviors if they refuse to refrain altogether. Although opiate misuse and chronic alcoholis
American Enterprise Institute
added Aug 15, 2016 01:17

[Australia] MENDELSOHN: If teens are going to smoke, better it be an e-cigarette

10 years of experience in the UK, US and Europe suggests that ... e-cigarettes may be reducing adolescent smoking rates...has the potential to save millions of lives and, according to the Royal College of Physicians, should be widely encouraged
Daily Telegraph/Sunday Telegraph (au)
added Aug 12, 2016 18:09

SATEL: Obamacare Is Hazardous To Smokers' Health

gress should amend the ACA to repeal the smoking surcharge. But, if Congress keeps the surcharge, HHS should not extend it to enrollees who vape or use other products with markedly lower risks than cigarettes, such as smokeless tobacco and snus. Better ye
added Aug 11, 2016 16:00
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