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Researchers explore the lifetime effects of cigarette smoke and genetics on infertility

researchers have been awarded a three-year, $440,000 grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development... "We think that if a woman carries the slow form of the NAT2 gene, cigarette toxins will be metabolized and
added Aug 16, 2016 13:35

[Finland, Nigeria] Genome-Wide Association of the Laboratory-Based Nicotine Metabolite Ratio in Three Ancestries [FREE FULL TEXT]

We replicate the top-ranking single nucleotide polymorphism from a recent GWAS of the NMR in Finnish smokers, identify a functional mechanism for this intronic variant from in silico analyses of RNA-seq data that is consistent with CYP2A6 expression measu
Nicotine and Tobacco Research
added Aug 10, 2016 18:41

First We Made Fire! But It May Have Come With Some Downsides

Negative cultural consequences came with fire, too... Did we evolve biologically to guard against the health risks of inhaling smoke? Did that help us pick up the cultural practice of smoking? There are many other possibilities.
New York Times
added Aug 5, 2016 13:21

Divergent Ah receptor ligand selectivity during hominin evolution

Our findings reveal that a functionally significant change in the AHR occurred uniquely in humans, relative to other primates, that would attenuate the response to many environmental pollutants, including chemicals present in smoke from fire use during c
Molecular Biology and Evolution
added Aug 3, 2016 13:34

Smoking indoors saw off ancient man’s rivals ($$)

Cigarette smoke is now universally understood to be harmful to our health... According to research...humans are unique among primates in that we carry a genetic mutation that may increase our tolerance to the toxic particles produced by fire in smoky cave
Times Of London (uk)
added Aug 3, 2016 13:31

Uncle Sam Wants You — Or at Least Your Genetic and Lifestyle Information

Those selected to be members of the “precision medicine cohort” will be asked to provide a detailed medical history and blood samples so researchers can extract DNA...plans to collect information about a person’s lifestyle — diet, exercise, smoking, drink
New York Times
added Jul 23, 2016 20:25

Growing Pains for Field of Epigenetics as Some Call for Overhaul

epigenetics, which describes modifications to the genome that can be passed on to future cells... Smoking, for example, triggers a boom in immature blood cells, which carry epigenetic marks different from those of other cell types in the blood.
New York Times
added Jul 1, 2016 19:09

Smoking linked to inflammation, sperm damage in men

The sperm of men who smoke...have more damaged DNA, fewer active energy-generating mitochondria and more proteins indicating a revved up immune response...“Sperm from these men are thus less capable of achieving fertilization, and, due to high rates of DN
added Jun 30, 2016 20:54

E-cigarettes 'raise the risk of infection by damaging hundreds of genes in the immune system'

Smoking e-cigarettes increases the risk of infection because it damages hundreds of genes in the immune system, new research warns. The devices alter hundreds of genes that control immune cells in the upper respiratory tract - the throat, mouth, nose and
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Jun 27, 2016 14:43

Vapers and Smokers Have Similar Airway Gene Alterations

Vapers showed decreased expression of a large number of immune-related genes, including all genes found to be decreased in cigarette smokers. The findings do not imply that e-cigarette use has the same health impact as cigarette smoking, but they do sugg
MedPage Today
added Jun 25, 2016 15:45
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