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Personal-genome cancer-risk profile may not inspire lifestyle changes

"Smokers who receive test results that indicate that they are at increased risk for lung cancer do not usually stop smoking," Daly said by email. "It may be that the risks associated with these tests are not high enough to result in any behavior changes,
added Dec 14, 2016 21:41

U.S. surgeon general raises concerns over e-cigarette use among youth

called for action to reduce the use of e-cigarettes among young people, noting they have overtaken cigarettes to become the most commonly used tobacco products among this group. The nation's top doctor, Vivek Murthy, weighing in on the subject for the fir
added Dec 8, 2016 14:53
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Why Do Men Get Cancer More Often Than Women? Genetics Is To Blame

Andrew Lane, co-senior author of the study, said: “Across virtually every type of cancer, occurrence rates are higher in males than in females. In some cases, the difference might be very small - just a few percent - but in certain cancers, incidence is
Huffington Post (blog)
added Nov 24, 2016 15:13

Study reveals genetic explanation for cancer's higher incidence in males than females

Females, it turns out, carry an extra copy of certain protective genes in their cells - an additional line of defense against the cells growing out of control - the investigators report in a paper published online by Nature Genetics. Though not solely re
Medical News TODAY(UK)
added Nov 24, 2016 15:12
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Genetic Risk, Smoking Behavior And The Question Of False Reassurance

The idea is that genetic findings of lower risk for anything might de-motivate individuals from good health habits...smokers who learned they were at lower genetic risk for smoking-related diseases might be less inclined to quit.
Huffington Post (blog)
added Nov 22, 2016 23:57

[Asia, India] Lung cancer on the rise in non-smokers

"In the US, lung cancer in never-smokers is now considered the 6th most common cause of cancer deaths. While in India, we do not have any such consolidated estimates. In recent years, doctors have witnessed an increasing number of cases in which the pati
Times of India
added Nov 22, 2016 16:44

DNA Isn't Destiny: Healthy Living Can Overcome Genes Linked to Heart Disease

New research shows that people can minimize an inherited risk for heart attack by living right -- exercising, eating healthy, staying slim and quitting smoking. Even with a little effort in these areas, people can cut their high genetic risk of heart di
HealthDay [HealthScout]
added Nov 14, 2016 00:08

Genetic Heart Disease Risk Eased by Healthy Habits, Study Finds

A new analysis of data from more than 55,000 people provides an answer. It finds that by living right — by not smoking... Meanwhile, the new study shows a new way to think about genes and lifestyle, researchers say....“If you are dealt a bad hand, there
New York Times
added Nov 13, 2016 23:53

The mutagenic assessment of an electronic-cigarette and reference cigarette smoke using the Ames assay in strains TA98 and TA100 [FREE FULL TEXT]

This study has investigated the mutagenic potential of a commercially available e-cigarette (Vype® ePen, Nicoventures, UK), compared to reference cigarette smoke (3R4F), in tester strains TA98 and TA100 using two different exposure scenarios. Firstly, pa
Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology And Environmental Mutagenis
added Nov 8, 2016 19:08
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E-cig vapor does not induce genetic mutations associated with cigarette smoke exposure

Scientists at British American Tobacco used a method called the Ames test to compare the mutagenic potential of cigarette smoke with that of vapour from Vype ePen, a commercially available e-cigarette. DNA mutations result in genetic instability, which m
Medical Xpress (
added Nov 8, 2016 19:06
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