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Circulating small non-coding RNAs associated with age, sex, smoking, body mass and physical activity [FREE FULL TEXT]

Small non-coding RNAs (sncRNA) are regulators of cell functions and circulating sncRNAs from the majority of RNA classes are potential non-invasive biomarkers...common traits influence circulating sncRNA expression. It is clear that sncRNA biomarker analy
Scientific Reports
added Dec 7, 2018 16:19

[New York] CARTER: E-cigarettes and vaping taking the nation by storm

“I vape in between the time I smoke marijuana,” One high school student admitted. “Sometimes I use it as a substitute for weed honestly...Thousands of ads flood Facebook, Instagram and Amazon without enforcing any age restrictions. Thousands of videos of
New York Amsterdam News
added Nov 23, 2018 19:55

HAHN/GOULD: Lung Cancer Screening and Smoking Cessation: Never Too Early or Too Late

Lung cancer risk prediction models incorporate multiple factors beyond age and smoking history (11). However, results from these individualized approaches may not align with health insurance coverage policies. As the authors note, there are valid concerns
Journal of the National Cancer Institute
added Nov 18, 2018 20:53
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[UK] Health Secretary will unveil plans for personalised warnings based on social class, lifestyle and genetics in bid to help Britons live an extra five years

For example, pregnant women in Blackpool would receive stop smoking messages because the data shows they are much more likely to smoke than elsewhere.
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Nov 6, 2018 16:40

Healthy Lifestyle Trumps Genes for Stroke Risk

Individuals following a healthy lifestyle had lower stroke risk regardless of genetic risk factors compared to those with unhealthier habits such as smoking and poor diet, according to results of a prospective study of men and women in the UK Biobank dat
MedPage Today
added Oct 27, 2018 18:05

Evidence for genetic correlations and bidirectional, causal effects between smoking and sleep behaviours [FREE FULL TEXT]

Heavier smoking seems to causally affect circadian rhythm and there is some indication that insomnia increases smoking heaviness and hampers cessation. Our findings point to sleep as a potentially interesting smoking treatment target.
Nicotine and Tobacco Research
added Oct 26, 2018 20:18
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Genetic study tells how long people potentially live

American Society of Human Genetics 2018 Annual Meeting in San Diego... "We suspect that the variants we found, such as for smoking and Alzheimer's disease, pertain uniquely to the modern period of human history," said Timmers. "A genetic propensity to sm
China Daily (cn)
added Oct 25, 2018 15:14

Cancer and genetics: Why smoking threatens more than just your lungs

Cancer researchers have often theorized that environmental exposures (such as smoking) may be able to drive epigenetic changes, which could change the behavior of certain cancer-causing genes without a change to the gene’s sequence (i.e. a mutation). This
Genetic Literacy Project
added Oct 19, 2018 12:04
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Paternal Smoking Can Affect Multiple Generations of Descendants

A major finding from our study is that the effects of paternal nicotine exposure are transmitted to descendants via epigenetic modification of spermatozoal the DNA by nicotine. Future research could examine how nicotine produces these epigenetic changes
added Oct 19, 2018 10:53

Nicotine exposure of male mice produces behavioral impairment in multiple generations of descendants [FREE FULL TEXT]

Our findings show that nicotine exposure of male mice produces behavioral changes in multiple generations of descendants. Nicotine-induced changes in spermatozoal DNA methylation are a plausible mechanism for the transgenerational transmission of the phen
PLoS (Public Library of Science)
added Oct 17, 2018 10:06
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