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OLSON: Winners and Losers from the FDA's Vaping and Cigar Crackdown

Under the 1998 tobacco settlement, which I and others at Cato have criticized at length, a large chunk of revenue from these conventional sales goes to state governments. But this revenue source has been eroded badly as smokers switch to vaping, a trend t
Cato Institute
added May 12, 2016 02:52

The Mystery Traveling Companion of Antonin Scalia

visitors to the ranch at the time of Scalia’s death were actually part of a ‘secret hunting society’, The International Order of St. Hubertus...C. Allen Foster...Over the years, his eclectic group of clients has included the...Cato Institute... Coyne Boeh
added Feb 27, 2016 15:07

[Asia-pacific] LESTER: Will Tobacco Kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

now they will have a strong voice in the form of Sen. McConnell...All eyes will be on him, as he reflects on whether he can live with a tobacco carve-out in the TPP, or whether he would rather wait on the TPP, and gamble that a future Republican president
Cato Institute
added Nov 5, 2015 17:14

YELOWITZ: Obamacare’s Not-So-Hidden Tax: Thank You for Smoking

cigarette taxes in Obamacare lack transparency. They are buried in the weeds of Obamacare premiums as hefty smoking taxes, meant to influence or punish the choices of 18 percent of American adults. Perhaps if smoking rates were as high as obesity, they’d
Cato Institute
added Jul 17, 2015 17:29

SHILLERS FOR KILLERS / Revealed: How the tobacco industry paid journalists, scientists, activists and lawyers to cover up the most deadly crime in human history.

even those whose financial relationships with Big Tobacco are above-board...have been denounced in judicial court decisions as accessories to RICO...I’m going to name names. Some are surprising; some shocking; others downright horrifying.
added Jul 9, 2015 13:38

[Asia-pacific, USA] The Trans-Pacific Partnership Takes Center Stage

congressional passage of the Trade Promotion Authority bill was only the warm-up act....the most recent position associated with U.S. negotiators – although not the official position, reportedly – is that tobacco-related claims should be excluded from acc
Cato Institute
added Jun 25, 2015 15:40

[Louisiana] James Gill: Anti-smoking movement gets puritanical

Not all authorities agree that secondhand smoke is quite as lethal as advertised. The Cato Institute, for example, suggests that "junk science" underpins many of the claims made by the anti-tobacco campaign, and it is not in the zealot's nature to unders
Baton Rouge (LA) Advocate
added Dec 4, 2014 07:42

[Russia] MITCHELL: World Health Organization Ignores Ebola - Focuses on Taxing Tobacco Instead - Daniel J. Mitchell

But presumably there is a legitimate government role in preventing something like infectious diseases. So why isn’t WHO focused solely on things such as Ebola and SARS rather than engaging in ideological campaigns to expand the size and scope of governme
Town Hall
added Oct 14, 2014 01:28

[Indonesia, USA] WATSON: As Expected, WTO Clove Cigarette Case Goes Nowhere

American refusal to comply with global trade rules against regulatory protectionism is both unfortunate and, in this case, unsurprising. There were two basic ways that the U.S. government could have come into compliance: 1) by dropping the ban on cloves
Cato Institute
added Oct 8, 2014 14:45

LESTER: Trade, Tobacco, and the TPP

Drawing the appropriate balance is difficult, particularly in the case of a controversial product such as tobacco. Ultimately, tobacco is not as unique as some suggest, though, and coming up with special rules is more of a distraction than a solution.
Cato Institute
added Nov 19, 2013 15:51
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