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Smoking and the Heart

Each year, in the United States alone, cigarettes are responsible for up to a third of all deaths from heart disease...Smoking increases your risk of cardiovascular disease two to four-fold. Your risk goes up with the number of cigarettes you smoke, start
HealthDay [HealthScout]
added Jan 23, 2018 00:47

Smoker's Face

The term was first coined in 1985 by Douglas Model, a British doctor. Model saw a pattern between smoking and wrinkling, so he began surveying patients at an outpatient clinic to see if he could guess, by their faces alone, whether or not they smoked. He
HealthDay [HealthScout]
added Jan 23, 2018 00:46

Will Smoking Pot Harm Your Heart? Experts Weigh In

There's not enough scientific evidence to say one way or the other how marijuana affects heart health, a new review has concluded. "Our review found insufficient evidence to draw meaningful conclusions that marijuana use is associated with cardiovascula
HealthDay [HealthScout]
added Jan 23, 2018 00:46

[UK] A QUARTER of stillbirths in the US could be prevented by lowering blood pressure and smoking in women, new study claims

Nearly 25 percent of stillbirths in the US could be prevented by improving women's healthcare before pregnancy, new research claims. Placental insufficiency, in which the placenta deprives the fetus of oxygen, is responsible for thousands stillbirths in
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Jan 20, 2018 01:41
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[Asia, China, Singapore] The 54-year-old who ran a marathon four years after a quadruple bypass

Mr Hoon picked up smoking at the age of 17, starting off as a casual smoker. But he stopped... When he moved to China for work, however, smoking became a heavy habit because “everybody smoked” there and cigarettes were “so cheap”.
Channel NewsAsia (sg)
added Jan 14, 2018 15:53

Passive Smoking Risks to Children

Most commonly, infants along with their smoker parents or relatives are affected by the smoky environment in their home. These infants show severe symptoms with long-lasting effects leading to dangerous abnormalities in the body. The following are the im
added Jan 11, 2018 16:22

Risk of coronary heart disease among smokeless tobacco users: results of systematic review and meta-analysis of global data

A significant positive association was detected between SLT use and risk of fatal CHD, especially for European users and those consuming snus/ snuff. In view of the positive association even after strict adjustment for smoking, these results underscore t
Nicotine and Tobacco Research
added Jan 9, 2018 22:19

8 Easy, Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions for Better Health

“Smoking is associated with virtually all diabetes complications,” Dr. Lenhard said,...“Cigarette smokers with diabetes are virtually certain to get cardiovascular disease,” ... And e-cigarettes or vaping? We just don’t have the evidence yet on their toxi
New York Times
added Jan 4, 2018 12:27
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[UK] Day my heart stopped, by Dame Diana Rigg: Actress reveals her brush with death during recent operation

Revealing she was ‘jump-started’ by doctors following heart surgery, the Bond girl said the incident made her quit smoking...she confessed that the surgery – which followed her becoming ‘seriously ill’ – was the deciding factor that encouraged her to sto
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Dec 28, 2017 22:56

Stop-smoking drug hailed as 'the most effective medication' for ditching cigarettes, increases the risk of a heart attack by up to 34% AND is linked to self-harm, study finds

The drug varenicline is prescribed under the brand name Chantix in the US It significantly increases users' risk of being hospitalized for a heart event The drug also raises their chances or visiting an emergency room Varenicline is linked to neuropsychi
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (uk)
added Dec 24, 2017 17:52
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