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[Canada] Poll: Where should you be allowed to smoke?

Should the right to clean air take priority (secondhand smoke kills about 600,000 people per year, according to the World Health Organization), or has the "smoke free" movement gone so far that it threatens individual freedom?
Metro (ca)
added Feb 20, 2016 16:55

[Australia, Canada, UK, USA] Smokers With Depression Have A Higher Motivation To Quit, But More Likely To Relapse

Smokers with depression may be struggling with a Catch-22 — the first option, smoking, harms their health, but when they try and quit, they're more likely to fail, and are more depressed afterward. New research published Thursday in the scientific journa
Medical Daily
added Feb 18, 2016 23:11

[Canada] Revenue Quebec announces fines, jail time linked to illegal tobacco

Revenue Quebec announced on Thursday that eight people who were found guilty of dealing in contraband tobacco have been fined a total of $1,073,000 that must be paid in 24 months. One of the individuals, Charles Patenaude of St-Césaire, has also been s
Montreal Gazette (ca)
added Feb 18, 2016 19:47

[Canada] Dawson: If pot smoking is OK, then so is smoking cigarettes

Canada has finally reached the point where activists can talk about an endgame on tobacco control: stamping out the few remaining smokers and entering a post-cigarette age... A good look at tobacco control ends with an irresistible observation: Why shoul
Calgary (Alb) Herald
added Feb 18, 2016 19:17

[Canada] Kelly McParland: The war to eradicate smoking, unless it's marijuana

The ban-the-butt lobby presses relentlessly on, though the perversity of human nature works against them. There are simply too many people who will seize on any activity that challenges accepted social behaviour, establishes them as different and gets up
National Post (ca)
added Feb 18, 2016 19:03

[Canada] Marni Soupcoff: No one who still smokes cigarettes in 2016 is going to be moved by punitive measures

They are working on what National Post reporter Tom Blackwell identified in his Saturday cover story as the “tobacco endgame.”.... Is vaping 100 per cent risk-free? Of course not. But it’s such a massive improvement over cigarettes that it seems a truly s
National Post (ca)
added Feb 18, 2016 16:06

[Australia, Canada, UK, USA] Smokers with depression try to quit more often but find it harder

A survey of 6811 participants from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the USA, published today in the scientific journal Addiction, found that although depressed smokers tried to quit smoking more often than other smokers, they were more likely t
Medical Xpress (
added Feb 18, 2016 12:09

WONG: Will Canada outlaw smoking, unless it's pot? Now that's a reason to fear for humanity

The anti-tobacco movement is pushing to make smoking illegal as it tries to force healthy habits on the last stubborn smokers who refuse to quit despite being constantly lectured about it. At the same time Liberal Ottawa is moving heaven and earth to leg
National Post (ca)
added Feb 16, 2016 17:51

[Canada] Smoke-Free campus town hall sparks controversy

what this initiative lacks are the voices and opinions of smokers on campus. There were almost no smokers present at the town hall, despite the group’s best efforts to attract them to the meeting. “We’re really trying to get smokers to give their opinion,
McGill Tribune (ca)
added Feb 16, 2016 17:26

[Canada] Majority of students support smoke-free campus

A Senate ad-hoc working group held a town hall on February 11 to discuss the possibility of making McGill a “smoke-free” campus. Students showed up to express their views on the issue, and to argue the benefits and costs of instituting policies that woul
McGill Daily (ca)
added Feb 15, 2016 19:44
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