Frequently Asked Questions

How are the headlines displayed?

By default, the headlines appear on the home page in the order in which we enter them into our database. You can also sort headlines by the actual date of publication or by how many times they have been viewed using the "sort by" links directly above the headlines.

Why do you have a date entered and a date published?

From time to time, we find an article after it was originally published. If we sorted all headlines by date published, this story would get buried on our site. To make sure you are aware of the latest information, we assign a date entered and a date published by the news service to ensure the article appears as a new item on our site.

How can I search headlines?

When you search our site, you are searching the words in the headlines, not in the body of the article. To search, use the box in the top right corner of the site. If you are looking for an exact phrase, include the phrase in quotation marks. If you are looking for multiple words, separate each word with a comma. For more help, see the advanced search tips below.

What are tags?

We use tags as a way to group headlines that contain similar topics. For example, we use tags for countries, U.S. states, tobacco-related issues, organizations, and lawsuits. You will see these tags listed at the bottom of each headline. If you click the tags, you can find additional headlines on these specific topics. You can also use the "Browse by Tag" dropdowns on the right sidebar to find headlines with shared tags.

How do I use the advanced search?

The advanced search enables you to refine your search using a self-selected term and/or multiple system-wide tags.

  1. Enter the search term in the search box (remember, this term must be included in the headline)
  2. Start typing in the tag box. If the tag is available, use the dropdown to select it. You can enter additional tags as needed.
  3. Use the dropdown to indicate if you would like to sort the search results by the date entered into our system, the date of publication, or by page views.
  4. Click the search button.

Can I receive an email when new stories are added?

Yes. You can subscribe to our daily digest email of news headlines. If you already have an account with us and are not subscribed, simply login to sign up.

I am only interested in a few tobacco-related topics. Can I specify what headlines I want to receive via email?

Yes, when you subscribe, you can customize your email by specifying the types of headlines you would like to receive. For example, you can indicate if you are only interested in headlines about Mexico or smoke-free laws.

How do I unsubscribe to the daily emails or change my topic preferences?

If you no longer want to receive emails or would like to change your subscription options, login to manage your account.