About tobacco.org

First launched in 1996, Tobacco.org is a free resource center that compiles news about tobacco control policies, tobacco products, the tobacco industry, and related topics. We use various databases and computer programs to search news coverage around the world and post it daily. Tobacco.org users may access our information in two ways: visit the website or subscribe to a daily email update.

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The primary purpose of the system is to create and distribute a daily newsletter of news articles. To accomplish this, we can hundreds of sites for headlines. These headlines are curated into the system -- each one is reviewed for revelvance, and if selected, is appropriately tagged for topic, location [and lawsuit?]. Since many headlines come from search engines, the appropriate media source is also associated with the article. (In other words, we may find a Washington Post article from a Google search).

At some point during the day, all of the selected articles are grouped into an edition, which is distributed to subscribers. Subscribers are able to build a custom newsletter by requesting only articles with selected tags.